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    Seam CRUD and customization

    Derek W Newbie

      Hi. New to Seam here... (and java web dev in general)

      Looking at seam for its CRUD capabilities. (seems like one of the better options around)

      Main concern, after having built a simple app, is that seam generated entities cannot be customized at all if you wish to update any of the entities in the future. (everything is overwritten when you reverse engineer the DB it seems... which makes enough sense)

      I take it that this is just the price you pay for rapid CRUD dev... nevertheless, was wondering if I was perhaps missing something.

      I'm a bit worried about the flexibility and ability to customize with CRUD based apps in seam. (although the generated CRUD will take care of about 90% of what I need)

      Interested to hear from people that have been down this path before.
      (in the beginning stages of research here)