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    New Eclipse project

    Nitin Gaur Newbie


      We have started a new project using Seam. It is going to be CRUD app. I decided to create a new EAR project using JBoss Tools instead of Seam-gen. Later I'll add an ant script to build the EAR for JBoss in external deploy environment.

      JBoss Tools has created 4 standard projects - myproject, myproject-ear, myproject-ejb and myproject-test
      Going by conventional JEE packaging, my string view is that only ejbs should go to myproject-ejb. So I created a new Java project myproject-common and changed the seam configuration so that entities, home and query classes are generated in this projects instead of myproject-ejb
      It worked and deployed to the server (EAP running inside JBDS3.0.1). But while running from UI, home and query objects are not getting identified. I am wondering what additional step to be taken to solve this? Anyone has added a custom eclipse project like I did?
      Any suggestion will be great help. Thanks.