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    conversation timeout of 2 minutes makes bad failures...

    Dean Hiller Expert

      I have been testing an edit ticket page after the 2 minute mark.  If I change pulldowns and widgets after the 2 minute mark, I get very bad failures like this...

      Caused by javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException with message: "/secure/requirements/edit/ticketForm.xhtml @126,98 value="#{ticket.status}": Target Unreachable, identifier 'ticket' resolved to null"


      1. go to page
      2. wait 2 minutes
      3. change a pulldown which makes an ajax call on change

      I don't interact with anything else during the test.  I have a few questions on this...

      1. Why 2 minutes....that seems like a very short time if someone is editing a long description in a ticket and they will lost all their work
      2. why is it not going to a conversation timed out page like it normally does in seam?