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    How to prevent concurrent login


      Hi Seam Experts,

      In my seam app, I need to implement a control of concurrent login. It means, If an user try to do login and the same user was logged , the system have to raise a message error. Or I can invalidate the old session, and keeping the new one.

      Anyway, before I implement this control using my knowledge in HttpSession listeners, has Seam any form to do this? I saw in seam security project exists this capability.

      Thanks in advance.

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          I just posted an answer in another thread.


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            I forgot to add the query you should use when authenticating:

            User user = (User) entityManager.createQuery("select u from User u "
                                          + "where u.userName = :username and u.active = es.esam.itsdomain.common.enums.YesNoEnum._yes")
                                     .setParameter("username", credentials.getUsername())

            I use the active field of a User to see if he/she is already logged in.


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              Hi Leo,

              thanks for the answer.

              1. Where's the post?

              2. My problem is not just use persistence in authenticator. If the user browser crashed, or the user clicks on close windows. I don't know how can I set my flag to false? In that situations, This flag can be put to false, in a session listener, but it's only possible doing in session timeout. In other words, the user will be blocked in the meanwhile.

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                A session has a time-out, so even when the browser crashes, the application will clean-up, so the bean destroy-method will be called and you can do what you need to do.
                I am thinking of adding a specific unlock feature (because I am using this to prevent users working on different places at the same time).
                Such a function will basically be something like:

                if not loggedIn and active yes ::  send email and Captcha and unlock the account.


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                  I get your point Leo.

                  In my case, I have to activate the user again after a timeout or browser crashes. If not, my users will cause me a big  headache.

                  However, I was discussing the same topic in Java Ranch, and after that I have been talking with my friend and He told me about Caching in cluster environments. I'll implement the solution, but it seems to work.

                  Link is here: http://www.coderanch.com/t/513463/Servlets/java/Restricting-multiple-logins