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    What is caching in Seam or JBoss?

    Tony Herstell Master

      Something is caching pages (.xhtml) in JBoss or Seam itself. This is causing a huge productivity problem for us.

      This feature appeared about 1 year ago and has not gone away.

      We have projects laid out in MyEclipse such that we have EAR, Jar and War. (This was done using booking project many years ago now...).

      As the project is perfectly laid out as a valid Ear when MyEclipse uses XXXX delpoyment to simply lay the files out inside JBoss.

      You can hack away with .xhtml or java code and JBoss happily carries on regardless only throwing a wobbly and requiring a re-start if a method signiture changes (or the like).

      This is VERY VERY VERY efficient way to work (No ANT, Maven, Build Scripts, Sitting around on yourarse waiting for a Re-Deoplyment every 2 mins).

      Now, Around about Seam 2.x something changed and a .xhtml cahnge is NOT passed through immediately... you have to keep refreshing the page and randomly the cahnge eventually appears.

      I need to know how to turn this off in JBoss and/or Seam.

      As I ssaid with numerous dvelopers now affected (the Seam House is growing) it is now costing a lot of money.

      I look forwards to a response.