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    Ajax tooltip causing Seam Remoting conversation timeouts

    Carl Hecker Newbie

      I'm implementing a javascript tooltip populated by an AJAX request.  I was getting concurrent call to conversations with a4j, so I implemented it with Seam Remoting to have more control over what is going on.

      This took care of the concurrent calls, but now I'm getting null pointers caused by the application's conversation timing out after the remoting request (because it creates its own conversation that's promoted to the foreground).

      I thought I was able to fix this by having these webremote methods called by the javascript:

      public String getTooltip() {}

      public void endConvo() {}

      However, I don't think that the application's conversation is being properly promoted to the foreground again after endConvo() is called.  This is evidenced by further null pointers.  Increasing conversation timeout helps, but isn't a true solution.

      Thanks for any suggestions!!