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    Seam App ResourceBundles and multiple locations

    Arnie Morein Newbie

      I remember reading that one can put the three files related to a given page (.xhtml, .page.xml, .properties) together within the war file.

      I know that the global files in the resources folder end up in the WEB-INF/classes directory, and I have several that are global for my application that are setup that way (e.g., application.properties, menuBar.properties).

      Another path in my web app (/protected/person) has several files: personList.xhtml, personList.page.xml, and personList.properties) and this works when listed in components.xml as:

      But the files in the root of my web app:

      login.xhtml, login.page.xml, login.properties

      are only partially working - the login.properties file is not being found. The form labels are missing and the action bean cannot find its message strings either.

      If I move login.properties to the resources directory, it works.

      Granted, there aren't that many files in the root of my web app (login, home, error), but I would like to know just what syntax the code behind the resource loader is expecting.

      I've tried login, /login, ../login - all to no avail.

      Can anyone explain what is going on?