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    action in page flow not executing

    caixote san Newbie


        I'm sorry if this is a repeated question but I could not find a good answer.

        I'm trying to call a bean method through the action node in the page flow. This method is never called.
        What should I first look at to see if something is wrong?

        The project I'm working on is huge so I'll post what I think is important and if you need more please tell me.


           <start-page name="startPage" view-id="urlA.xhtml" >
                      <transition name="transitionZ" to="callZ" >
                     <action expression="#{bean.method}"></action>
              <page name="callZ" view-id="/private/urlB.xhtml">
                <redirect />
             <end-state name="theEnd"/>

      The bean has already been started and also the conversation started with the annotation @Begin(join = true, pageflow = "pageflowX")