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    Bug Excel Exporter with DataModel

    Philippe Aubertin Newbie

      I try to use excel exporter but I got an issue:

      Caused by java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException with message ""

      When I look in the ExtendedTableDataModel source code , I found:

      Unused rudiment from old JSF staff. (non-Javadoc)
      See also:
      public Object  [Search] getWrappedData() {
           throw new UnsupportedOperationException();

      So I checked the UIWorksheet source code and I found:

         public static Iterator unwrapIterator(Object value)
            else if (value instanceof DataModel && ((DataModel) value).getWrappedData() instanceof Iterable)
               return ((Iterable) ((DataModel) value).getWrappedData()).iterator();

      Indeed I use a DataModel in order to populate my ExtendedDataTable.

      It's not possible to export a datatable populated with a datamodel, is it?

      Best regards.

      Aubertin Philippe