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    BreadCrumbs - conversationStack support

    Srinivasan Thoyyeti Newbie

      I just want to make use of conversationStack builtin component for BreadCrumbs implementation.
      But sooner came to know it is for nested conversation model alone.

      3.7.5. Breadcrumbs
      Breadcrumbs are useful in applications which use a nested conversation model. The breadcrumbs are a list of links to conversations in the current conversation stack
      <ui:repeat value="#{conversationStack}" var="entry">
           <h:outputText value=" | "/>
           <h:commandLink value="#{entry.description}" action="#{entry.select}"/>

      So I have two options in mind

      1. Can we decorate our application structure like

      Login to Logout one outer most conversation and all other conversations as children to it.

      - inner conversation 1
      - inner conversation 2

      - inner conversation n

      2. Or we need to manually take care of breadcrumbs if we are not using nested conversation?

      Please let me aware of my ignorance if I am missing something silly.