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    How is the Correct use of ui:repeat tag to build a selctOneMenu in XHTML using JBoss Seam Framework?

    Marcos Maia Newbie

      This is suppose to be quite simple but I have already spent couple of hours on this without solution. My fragment of code follows:

      <h:selectOneMenu id="carro" value="#{abastecimentoAction.idCarroPesquisa}" required="true">
           <ui:repeat value="#{carroList.resultList}" var="_meuCarro">
              <f:selectItem itemValue="#{_meuCarro.id}" itemLabel="#{_meuCarro.nome}"/>         
              <h:outputText value="Testes"/>

      The point is the Testes string is correctly printed as many times as the size of carroList.resultList but no options is printed. I get a blank combo.

      tx in advance.