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    Error while fetching data on JSF using JBoss Tools

    Rahul Kumar Newbie


      I am using JBoss Tools to create a simple crud application with Seam 2.2 and my SQL 5.1 (using reverse engineering). When I am trying to fetch the data on my JSF page it shows an error. The stack traces says:

      javax.el.ELException: /RahList.xhtml: Error reading 'resultList' on type org.domain.rahprototype.session. RahList$$javassistseam2

      I know there is something wrong in rahList.java where the setMaxResult(25) can be the point where I need to focus. 

      My database has only one column defined as primary key and I have 500 records in my database.

      The console says:
      18:56:46,562 INFO  STDOUT Hibernate:
              rahul0.SRNO as SR10,
              rahul0.AccountNumber as Account20,
              rahul 0.CompanyName as Company30,
              rahul 0.ContactName as Contact40,
              rahul 0.ContactNumber as Contact50
              rahuldb1. rahuldb1. rahul rahul0
      18:56:46,609 WARN  DBCExceptionReporter SQL Error: 1064, SQLState: 42000
      18:56:46,609 ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter.You have an error in your SQL syntax;
      check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right sy
      ntax to use near '.rahul rahul0
      ' at line 1