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    JSF Problems with Weblogic 11gR1 and SEAM 2.2.0

    enzo enzo Newbie

      I'm working with Eclipse, Weblogic Server 11gR1 and SEAM 2.2.0.

      I've created a simple seam proyect using seam-gen and I edited every file as said in these tutorials:

      My Link
      My application is deployed in Weblogic without any error (I deleted log4j.jar too), but when I access to http://localhost:7001/ejemplo/, the JSF code is not rendered and appears an HTML code (in Google Chrome) or simple text (in Firefox and IExplorer).

      For example:


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      I've 8 warnings on my application, but as i said above, it deploys fine.

      Warning examples:
      The tag handler class for "f:loadBundle" (com.sun.faces.taglib.jsfcore.LoadBundleTag)
      The tag handler class for "h:outputText" (com.sun.faces.taglib.html

      I think, my problemas are similar as Leonardo's problems on
      My Link, but i can't find any solution...

      Does anybody could help me please? thanks!!