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    rich:editor + seam text not working with formatted html

    Sean Li Newbie
      This might be the reason why this forum doesn't use rich:editor plus seam text.

      I use rich:editor set useSeamText to "true" to get input and store it to DB, and displaying it using s:formattedText.

      The problem happens if I copy something from an html page and paste it to rich:editor.

      We can easily replicate this using rich:editor demo here: http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/editor.jsf , with the following steps

      1) tick "Toggle Preview" and "use seam text" checkboxes
      2) go to http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12840_01/wls/docs103/nodemgr/starting_nodemgr.html
      3) copy "Using Node Manager to Control Servers" from the weblogic document

      you will see the editor preview bit is not working.

      This can actually be fixed by adding <s:validateFormattedText /> to rich:editor. BUT, it doesn't solve the problem that if the pasted text is seam text format compliant while not valid html.

      If you copy part of a table to rich:editor, it's valid seam text and saved to DB. in DB, you can see things like tr td in the field, but no table tag. once you display it using s:formattedText, the whole page is messed up.

      I did some google research but couldn't find one talking about this.