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    Are a4j:support tags supported in rich:modalPanels?

    Andy Deighton Newbie

      I've trawled the forums for an answer to this..

      Trying to hook up an a4j:support tag to an h:selectOneMenu tag so that when the user selects something in the dropdown, the backing bean gets updated and I rerender another part of the rich:modalPanel as a reaction.

      If this stuff wasn't inside a modalPanel, it would be a very standard thing to do in Seam/RichFaces. But as soon as these things are inside a rich:modalPanel, the backing bean doesn't receive the update until the modalPanel is closed.

      Basically, are a4j:support events supported within a modalPanel?
      I haven't put any source here because I've tried all sorts of stuff and am well aware of not putting the modalPanel within the hosting form; making sure the modalPanel has its own form; using a4j:form etc etc etc.

      Maybe there's a KB article about the pitfalls of using a modalPanel?