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    Seam and jBPM: some help in concepts.

    Syed Mahdi Apprentice
      Hi All ,

      I am working on the jbpm part of seam and going to make a new prcess for registeration and all.

      I am looking at : http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_Enterprise_Web_Platform/5/html/Seam_Reference_Guide/numberguess.html

      which thankfully has the code to it as well.
      Can any one tell me in this example if you see the code and configs (sorry I wouldnt paste here or else it will just clutter i will appreciate if you can pls look at it): where does it actually bind the NumberGuess.java class with the process and instantiates it (making the @Create method to run) i want to clear my concept. I can copy paste and i am sure it will work fine but i want to actually understand.

      2 h:commandButton value="Guess" action="guess"

      ...in  numberGuess.jspx action=guess? I only see a

      `<transition name="guess" to="evaluateGuess">                                     
            <action expression="#{numberGuess.guess}"/>                                    

      is it actually binding to the action within in the transition "guess". I will appreciate if some one can guide me. or else I have to debug the whole thing and reverse engineer it.

      btw: there are simple examples for pageflow through jpdl but not exactly the JBPM core process definition example: like dvdstore example which has task-node and tasks define irt

      one last question: if i have a task-node how can I bind that task-node with a method: do i need to add

      `action expression="#{numberGuess.guess}"/>  `

      previously i worked with a jBPM process, I made a process and made as actionhandler for it which was initiated once the process initaites,and I would see if I am at a certain node with a name "node name " so I will call a method in a processor class to process the variables of the process.  how do you do that in seam.

      I will so so appreciate any answers. Will post back with my reverse engineer results if i dont get any answer.

      Thanks in advance.

      Syed Mahdi
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          Syed Mahdi Apprentice
          Sorry! I mistook jBPM process and pageflow to be the same




          seem to look so exactly the same I thought it was the same. but I think my first two questions are still valid. how does the numberguess.java gets bind to the page flow: we are only binding the jspx here with pageflow? and action=guess to what is it binding in the jspx.
          the transition with name guess or the method guess in the class??

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            Syed Mahdi Apprentice

            OK now I am on jBPM .. not page flow:
            in the dvdstore example that came with the Seam, which class starts the order management. or does it start from the jspx. can anyone pls guide me to the starting point. I am having issues in deploying the application or esle i would have de bugged it.

            There should be a point which actually kicks off the process.

            Thanks for your help in advance.

            Syed Mahdi