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    How to access MS access database

    Rakesh L Punjabi Newbie

      i am trying to use MS Access ..... i created an mdb file....can any one tell me which files and how do i link it so tht i can access it from the bean

      from the help i figured tht i hav to change some things in jboss.jcml file.
      .... do i have to change anything in this piece of code (shown below ).... i just know to make an mdb file and to link it by odbc .... from data sources in control panel...

      how do i define a pool ??? .... pls help ... i am a student and very new to component oriented programming

      jdbc:odbc:ODBC datasource name

      --rakesh punjabi

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          Tobias Frech Apprentice

          Please have a look at the MS Access example in the JDBC chapter of the JBoss manual.
          You are using JBoss 2.2.2 ? Otheriwse you would have to use another <attribute name="DataSourceClass" ...> check the docu.

          Of course you would have to change "ODBC datasource name", "username" and "password" to the values that apply to your configuration.

          Also do not forgert to include the <mbean ...> snippet about rg.jboss.jdbc.JdbcProvider . Look at the docu again please.

          If something does not work like described in the manual let us know please.

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            Rakesh L Punjabi Newbie

            i made the database and also specified the username and password which was configured in the database .... it was just tht i copied that jboss.jcml file in the question that i had posted .... the version i am using is jboss 2.4 , i think there is a problem with spcifying a connection pool... the documentaton says that a connection pool is essential .... i dont know how to make a connection pool.... also the snippet is included about rg.jboss.jdbc.JdbcProvider .