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    dvdStore example: what is "ship"

    Syed Mahdi Apprentice
      ok from the posts i just made earlier i think I am maturing a bit. I would still need some clarification to those but now I am working on dvdstore example:

      <task-node name="process" end-tasks="true">
              <task name="ship" description="Ship order">
                 <assignment pooled-actors="#{shipperAssignment.pooledActors}"/>
              <transition name="shipped" to="complete">
                  <action expression="#{afterShipping.log}"/>
              <transition name="cancel" to="cancelled"/>

      is the task node, what is "ship" is it bound with the ShipAction.java and when the task runs, the method with @BeginTask is executed? is that it. is that how a task gets executed? if thats how a task is going to get executed, will i not need an actionhandler and its execute method like we do in the normal jBPM?

      every help will be appreciated

      Syed Mahdi