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    persist method overriding

    pouria kazemi Newbie

      Hi experts
      I have a problem with overriding persist built in method which i  access that by extending from EntityHome.
      I have 3 xhtml page which we name them A B C.page A is a page that shows the data of fields of  table A .from page A we go to page B which we want to data entering for  table B and in page B we have an Id field from page A and table B  has a foreign key from table  A. in page C we show both table A and B fields.
      now i cannot persist my page B.xhtml and does any body know how to do?

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          omid pourhadi Apprentice

          would you please provide more information including your stack trace
          and how to persist ,.....

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            pouria kazemi Newbie

            thanx for your attention

            foreign key from table B is primary key of table A and when table B is persisting should automatically persist this column.and why we need this column?cause when we go to page C foreign key of table B is the navigation key to show the content of table B in page C.but i dont know how to write and i have  no stack trace.

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              omid pourhadi Apprentice


              <s:button action="#{bHome.persistB}" actionListener="#{bHome.setA}" 
              value="Set A And persistB" />


              public class BHome extends EntityHome {
              public void setA(){
                 getInstance.setA(selectedA) //wherever it comes from
              public String persistB(){

              As a piece of cake ...!
              if you need more help take a look at seam examples

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                pouria kazemi Newbie

                you know your peace of cake was very useful

                i really appreciate

                i solved it finally.when it got final face(final release) i'll show the details.
                and another thing is that i found something about Adempiere in your site.
                i found a pdf named Adempiere by Bayu Cahya Pamungkas and i want to know how to run Adempiere
                let me know if u know sth about how to install it

                Thanks in advance