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    JBpm and ldap: how to set actor and GroupActorIds

    Syed Mahdi Apprentice

      Hi all,

      I am using jBPM with seam. I reverse engineered the dvdstore application and made it to work, changed the app for my own usecases added some stuff. (nothing added in the configurations yet though).

      I want to ask that in the dvdstore example the shippers and reviewers as groupActorId is being set in the authenticatorBean. Now I am going to use an LDAP identity store, how do you think will i go about setting the actor with username and the groupactorIds. As I am going to be using the LDAP identity store it will not come in the AuthenticatorBean.authenticate().

      Is there a way to use the ldap Identity Store and also forward the request if it is true to authenticator.authenticate().

      Or what other options do i have to set these two things in the system.