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    Seam and JAAS integration (logout behavior)

    Martin Hynar Newbie


      I found a problem in integration of Seam (2.2.0.GA) and JAAS (in JBoss 5.1.0). In my application, there is configured JAAS security domain to be used by Seam for authentication

      <security:identity jaas-config-name="ExampleDomain" />
      <security:remember-me enabled="false" />

      The ExampleDomain is custom authentication module that makes specific operations on login and logout. And here is the problem, Seam's Identity correctly calls login method but that is not the case with logout. On logout, user is unauthenticated and session is invalidated but logout method of underlying JAAS is not called. Is this behavior correct (I suppose it is not), or am I missing some piece of configuration for correct integration with JAAS, or is it simply bug?

      thanks for any ideas, br Martin