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    Import EAR in Seam Web Project in eclipse & project facets

    Eric J. Van der Velden Newbie


      I create an Seam application on the command line with seam-gen. Then I import the EAR file in an eclipse 'Seam Web Project'. When I look at the project facets, I see that JSF and Seam are not one of them. Perhaps I don't understand project facets in eclipse.


      Eric J.

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          Marek Novotny Newbie

          Did you change/check the Seam Runtime which you want to use and which you have installed/configured in Eclipse JBoss Tools Seam plugin.

          How to:

          Use right mouse button click on your project and select Properties. Then go to Seam Settings group of settings in Properties Dialog and Choose appropriate Seam runtimes from list or Add new one by clicking on Add button right next to listbox.

          Then you have attached to your project correct build launcher - Seam Builder and you need also WTP facet to be able to deploy on Server defined in Eclipse, which you can easily add by configure JSF capabilities - Right mouse button click on project Configure - Add JSF Capabilities. Just choose correct Server Runtime (in your case JBoss AS 5.1) and that's it.