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    automatic redirection

    Ludovic Amiguet Newbie

      Dear all

      first i would like to apologize for the low level of my question.

      i m a new user of SEAM, because i have to make the maintenance of an existing project.

      in our application (like in all seam application if i understood well)

      i use the url : http://servername/myApp/

      then it access the index.html.

      in the index.html, there is a redirection on "home.seam"

      and finally i get the page : http://servername/myApp/login.seam?cid=81 (for example)

      so here are my two newbie's question:

      1)  does the seam servlet (or filter) authomatically search for a page with the extention ".xhtml". Or is this configurate somewhere ?

      2)  my home.xhtml file seems not to be used because if i delete the content ... the process is the same ... and i always rich the login.seam page.... is it a miracle ???

      thanks for your help


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          Monkey Den Master

          Impossible to say without seeing your configuration.  There may be something that says every page requires login, like this, from pages.xml:

          <page view-id="*" login-required="true">

          Post some config code and we can probably say for sure.