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    Integrate JBoss Seam application with a CMS howto

    Rigre Garciandia Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm doing some web components using JBOSS seam, but my product need have blogs and other features already available in many CMS like wordpress (joomla and many others). I want to take wordpress (or jommla) as the entry point of my application due lot of fancy stuff that the client ask are already implemented in wordpress (like blogs, cooments and easy way to publish static information).

      Also I'll like to embedded my business related options (implemented in jboss using seam) inside wordpress using iframe and I need to pass to JBOSS the credentials that the user already have after he auth in wordpress.

      I was thinking to use SSO in order to authenticate the CMS user and after I'll need to pass the credentials from wordpress to JBOSS anytime that I need to show in the browser a component that come from my jboss application.

      Anybody know what is the better way to do that?

      Thanks a lot before hand.