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    Client UserTransaction problem.

    Dave Elliot Newbie

      Hi all,

      Have tried this on JBoss 2.4.2 and I still get the problem. When operating with a transaction context (UserTransaction) established from the client any ejbStore callbacks appear to be operating in a separate context to my other operations.

      ie. The client:

      1. Starts a transaction,
      2. Creates a entity BMP EJB,
      3. Calls a business method on the EJB,
      4. When the container then does a callback to ejbStore, ejbStore fails claiming that there is no such database row with that Bean's primary key.

      The same code runs fine in the absence of the UserTransaction.

      Looks to me like the data for the bean is being created in a TX context that the ejbStore() invocation is not sharing. So the container callbacks are not taking place in a transaction context where the data changes can be seen.

      I could be completely mistaken of course. Has anyone had any luck working with client initiated UserTransactions ?