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    How to point security files to external folder?

    Raphael Rodrigues Newbie

      Hi seam experts,

      My app is using seam 2.1.2, and drools to manage my permissions. Everything is fine.

              <drools:rule-base name="securityRules">

      My issue is: I need to redeploy my rules programatically, and I can not use BRMS. I saw this topic ( http://seamframework.org/Community/DroolsDynamicRulefilesOrUrlSpecification) , and It seems to work, but my app is running on tomcat, and it break and restart alone.

      This problem, I could solve easily If I can point my secyrity.drl file , in a external folder outside my webapp, but It seems to me that Seam does not support this feature. So, is it possible?

      Thanks a lot.