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    [solved] Problems with EL in JavaScript by Seam Remoting

    Joerg L Newbie

      i used the search and i have not found an answer...


      We use Seam 2.2.0 GA in our project.


      on the first page i outject an object. (Scope Type is CONVERSATION)
      On the next page the object is still there.


      But if i use Seam Remoting i can't reach the object.


      i read in the documentation and in the forum, that i should use this code part:


      Seam.Remoting.getContext().setConversationId( #{conversation.id} );


      I put that part in my Javascript file, but now i have the problem, that JavaScript is not working correctly.
      Firebug also says that " #{conversation.id} " is not valid.


      (before i inserted "Seam.Remoting.getContext().setConversationId( #{conversation.id} );  " seam remoting was perfectly working)
      Can anyone tell me, what i forgot?