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    NotLoggednIn-redirect gets captured by seam

    joshd Newbie


      fist - I'm quite new to seam, but from the start impressed by it's features and capabilities. I managed to set up my first seam portal in quite a short time. Also with the help of this great forum here.

      One thing a just stumbled accross I didnt find answer so far:
      Scenario: I have some content pages, where you can read limited contents with a read more link on the bottom (e.g. news). Clicking it will redirect you to the login screen, because the complete text should just be available for known users. If you login successfully you're landing on the content page your where commin from - news in this case. Perfect. Seam does that for me.
      But: a user is clicking the read more-link in the eg. news-page, gets redirected to the login screen, does NOT login but using the menu to navigate somewhere else. And than after some page visits he manually clicks the login-link to get to the login page again, does login successfully - then he gets redirect to new news-page and not to the default welcome page after login, because pages ago there was a forced redirect off the news-page.

      Was that kind of well explained? ;)
      How can I avoid that bahavior?

      thanks for any hint.