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    seam-persistence jars in ear not visible to SMPC producer inside a war

    richard yang Newbie
      We used to have only war deployment and it worked OK. We have a producer in a jar which is put inside the war (a jar of web-inf/lib):
      EntityManagerFactory producerField;

      In the beans.xml of the jar we have this turned on
      <interceptors>          <class>org.jboss.seam.persistence.transaction.TransactionInterceptor</class>

      Now, we are trying to deploy ear instead of war, because of jboss weld issue which does not allow multiple wars to be deployed in the same jvm (conflicting jndi names for weld managed beans).
      Inside the ear's lib directory:
      and some dependencies jar such as solder.jar.
      The war is inside the ear and the war does not have these jars.

      However, at deployment time, jboss complains that it could not find org.jboss.seam.persistence.transaction.TransactionInterceptor class.

      I thought the jars inside the ear are visible to the war. I have the correct application.xml.

      Is this a bug? Or do I have to put seam persistence jars in both ear and war?