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    Rich:Sutable not working Help

    Fabin Riako Newbie
      Hi All

      I am facing a issue with rich:Sutable please help if you can find out the issue.

      <rich:dataTable value="#{MasterHome.receivingInfos}" var="ReceivingInfo">

      displaying all the properties of ReceivingInfo

      <rich:subTable value="#{dBUtil.getResultList(ReceivingInfo.id)}" var="Info">
      displaying all the properties of Info
      </rich:subTable >
      </rich:dataTable >

      This is what i am trying to do. All the properties are displayed including the id but subtable is not displayed. When i did debugging I found that id in dBUtil.getResultList() method is 0 always even though it is displayed in datatable.

      Anybody knows why this is happening.

      Advanced Thanks