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    Hot Deployment - Not working! Seam-2.2.1.Final JBoss-5.1

    Bernhard Hurzeler Novice

      Hot Deployment is flucky to say the least and drives me nuts.

      I have altered the profiles.xml file to not exclude WEB-INF/dev. Sometimes the components get reloaded but sometimes not (POJO components see below). I can see the timestamp of the classes changing in WEB-INF/dev but SEAM does not pick them up sometimes.

      Consider the following POJO:

      public class SayHello 
       @Logger private Log log;
          @In StatusMessages statusMessages; 
      //    @In
      //    Identity identiy;
          public void sayHello()
              // implement your business logic here
              log.info("sayHello.sayHello() action called!");
              statusMessages.add("sayHello.sayHello() test!");

      If you change the statusMessage hot deployment works fine. Now remove the comments and inject the identity hot deplyment doesnt work anymore. If you do a full deploy you will find out that you need


      fair enough but we did not get an error message by the hot deployment so we would not have known what is wrong. Not good.

      What is really the issue here, is that even if you fix the error, hot deployment will not start to work until you have done a full deployment.

      In IMHO this make Seam hot deployment unusable.
      Perhaps I miss something here that breaks my hot deployment. Any advice how to fix this? Do experience the same issue?

      Shall I make a JIRA entry?

      JBoss-5.1/EAP-5.1, Seam-2.2.1.Final, Eclipse Helios R1, JBossTools nightly builds (26/2/11) but I don't think it is the IDE.