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    injection problem when use different jars as modules in a simple war seam application, not ear

    Juan Holder Newbie

      Hello guys,

      I've been testing this framework, and I found a problem that I cannot resolve.  I generated a WAR project with seam with jboss developer studio, a simple screen that saves an entity.  I've deployed it in EAP 5.1 with no problems, everything goes well.  But when I separate all the components in differents jars (persistence, domain, service, etc) built in components like EntityManager or Logger raises NullPointerException when they are tried to be retrived.

      Of course, my jars have the seam.properties empty, the components are registered, and injected to each other without problems.  Is it a limitation in case of Seam wARs?

      Is any specific instrucction to do this? I tried some workaround like

      this.entityManager equals symbol (EntityManager)Component.getInstance(entityManager);

      that get the em ok, but still have problems with the Log (with@Logger).

      thanks in advance!