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    Urgent - need help with doing web service with conversation

    mary otoole Newbie

      I have read through most of the examples and docs about Seam. There doesnt seem to be anyway to create a web service (except with soap) that I can call and get a conversation to propagate between multiple calls from login and forward. I can see that the soap model works and have tested it with a penny auction site I am building. The requirements are that the site is in PHP but needs to call web services written with Java/Seam. I know that Seam cannot handle keeping long running coversations if I use Rest and Seam. So What I need is someway to do stateful web services but not with SOAP. They dont want SOAP because the messages are too bulky. Any suggestions and does anyone know if there will be support like this for Restful web services with SOAP in the near future? thankyou in adavance for your help!