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    Seam PDF documents and ExportKey

    Drew Stockdreher Newbie

      I'm attempting to save off a few PDFs within the same conversation using the methods described in other posts on the forum.  Mainly creating the EmptyFacesContext, and then rendering the desired template to generate the PDF.  I'm then pulling the pdf from the documentStore.

       DocumentStore dStore = DocumentStore.instance();

      My issue is since multiple PDFs are generated in the same conversation,  using 1 as the docId is always going to give me the first one generated and not the second, third, 4th etc. 

      I see that there was a JIRA and some work done that supposedly allows the exportKey of the PDF template to be used as the docId, however in practice this does not appear to be in the codebase.  I am using JBOSS 5.0.1 and Seam 2.2.0.

      I know I can likely reset the documentStore component within the conversation once I've gotten my item, but I don't think I should if the exportKey approach was working correctly.   Thanks for any replies.