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    h:inputTextArea readonly property setting disabled

    Gavin Warden Newbie

      I am attempting to make an h:inputTextArea which will be readonly under certain conditions.  The problem is as follows if I use the disabled property, in IE, the textArea is not scrollable. To accommodate for this I attempted setting the readonly attribute instead.  However upon testing I discovered that in fact this still sets the html textarea disabled property, which thus continues the problem.  Is there a solution/workaround for this, or have I done something wrong?

      Code for h:inputTextArea:

       <h:inputTextarea id="description" readonly="#{condition}" value="#{taskHome.instance.description}" rows="10" required="true" cols="70"/>

      Html generated:
      <textarea id="userHelpRequestForm:descriptionField:description" name="userHelpRequestForm:descriptionField:description" cols="70" rows="10" disabled="disabled">