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    Form Value not submit, Severity Error

    ashok kumar Newbie
      Hi All,

      I am facing the issue of Form values not submitting.
      My code is,


      <rich:dataGrid value="#{manageShipCash.requestUserList}"
                                                                      var="reqUser" columns="1" elements="10"
                                                                      rendered="#{manageShipCash.requestUserList.size()>0 and
                                                                      manageShipCash.requestUserList != null}"
                                                                      columnClasses="dataTableColumn" styleClass="rich-dataTable"
                                                                                      style="margin-left: 4px;margin-right: 4px;"
                                                                                      headerClass="dataTableHeader" id="userAmountListId">
                                                                       <h:panelGrid columns="2">
                                                                                                      <h:selectOneListbox id="userListId" size="1"
                                                                                                              styleClass="smallSelect" value="#{reqUser.userMaster}">
                                                                                                              <s:selectItems value="#{manageShipCash.userObjList}"
                                                                                                                      var="m" label="#{m.strFirstName} #{m.strLastName}" />
                                                                                                              <s:convertEntity />
                                                                                                      <s:decorate id="ReqAmountDecorate5"
                                                                                                              <h:inputText id="advAmountId"
                                                                                                              value="#{reqUser.fltRequestedAmount}" style="width:60px"
                                                                                                              required="true" requiredMessage="#{messages['message.required.shipCash.amount']}"/>


              private List<UserMaster> userObjList;

              public List<UserMaster> getUserObjList() {
                      return userObjList;

              public void setUserObjList(List<UserMaster> userObjList) {
                      this.userObjList = userObjList;

              public void loadUserObjList(){
                      log.info("----- enter into loadUserObjList() method");
                      SeamResourceBundle srb = new SeamResourceBundle();
                              this.userObjList = new ArrayList<UserMaster>();
                              StringBuffer query = new StringBuffer();
                              query.append("select user from UserMaster user where user.flgDeleted='0' ");
                              //If Ship, not show admin user
                              query.append(" and user.tenant <> 1 ");
                              query.append(" order by user.iuserId asc");
                              this.userObjList = getEntityManager()
                              log.info("---- Query :"+query);
                      }catch(Exception e){
                              log.error("---- User Obj Exception :"+e.getMessage());
                      log.info("----- exit from loadUserObjList() method");

      UserMaster.java - Entity bean.

      DropDown List Populating fine. But values are not submitted to the Save() method.

      Error Message :

      severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(value is not valid), detail=(value is not valid)

      Please help me to find out the issue