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    entityHome.update() deosnot execute if rich:shuttleList is present

    Syed Mahdi Apprentice

      Hello All,

      I have a simple page where I have some input text fields and a rich:listShuttle component. The problem is the

      <h:commandButton value="Update " action="#{myEntityeHome.update}" rendered="#{myEntityeHome.managed and s:hasRole('admin')}" onclick="if (!confirm('Are you sure to update this entitytype?')){return false;}" />

      doesnot executes the action update() (I have overriden the EntityHome.update())on the myEnityHome component. It only executes if I add


      but in that case the changes on the shuttle list component arent present anymore.

      If I remove the listshuttle  component everything works fine and the update is called right away. Can Any one guide me as to why is this happening. I have already made most of my code around it and I thought it was working and Now i cannot remove it.

      BTW: the rich:listShuttle comonent looks like this:

      <rich:listShuttle id="shuttleComp" targetValue="#{myEntity.questions}" rendered="#{myEntityHome.managed}"
                  sourceValue="#{questionQuery.resultList}" var="questions" listHeight="1000"
                  listWidth="500" sourceCaptionLabel="Questions " 
                  targetCaptionLabel="Questions in myEntity " 
                  converter="org.jboss.seam.ui.EntityConverter" targetListWidth="500" sourceListWidth="500" >
                      <h:outputText value="#{questions.questionText}"></h:outputText>
                       <a:support event="onlistchanged" reRender="shuttleComp"/>

      Please I will really appreciate your help