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    Seam 3 Documentation

    Esteve Aviles Newbie

      I have been reading Seam 3 documentation. I know that it is not finished yet, but I have a few comments about it that I think they can improve it.

      First, the documentation is pretty large (hard to swallow).
      Second, it is clear that every module member has done its own part so that it is hard to follow if you follow the index.
      Third, it doesn't seam to be intended to be used for developers, it seams it is targeted for software arquitects.
      Finally, if you read all the documentation you are not granted to have an application successfully deployed.

      So my conclusion is as follows:
      · Reduce it for the sake of simplicity
      · Glue it from the perspective of a software developer, including example references and focusing on giving technical and functional problems resolved.
      · Order the chapters from most importance to less importance based on the usage (it will be more used persistence than JMS)

      I expect my comments will help improve seam 3.