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    Session scoped SelectItem defaults

    Gerry Matte Newbie

      I have been working with various strategies to present seam forms that provide drop down selection lists for quickly entering a numeric value based on a textual description.  Most of my successful approaches use the s:selectItems tag nested within a h:selectOneMenu tag.

      When a user makes a selection from such a list, I would like to retain that selection within a session scoped object and use that saved selection as the default selected item when the form is next presented.

      This would allow a user who is entering data for many similar database records to clone one record to a new record and then modify only those properties which are different for this record.

      I am not asking anyone to develop code for this use case but rather give me advice on what approaches would be easiest and most simple to implement.

      Looking through SEAM In Action, Java Persistence with Hibernate, and multiple Java Server Faces books has provided some ideas but no examples that seek to illustrate how to easily clone database records repetitively.

      Thanks in advance to those who spend a bit of time suggesting ideas