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    seam app - jboss server hot-deploy issue

    bart king Newbie

      hi folks, I am working on a Seam 2.2.1 App deployed on JBoss 5.1.0-GA. For some reason, hot-deploying the exploded war is not working all of a sudden. My build.xml is also copying the COMPILED classes correctly over to the jboss deploy directory (100% sure coz the new changes were seen after decompiling the class), but the server won't pick up the new changes. However, hot-deploying into DEBUG mode is working fine. Isn't it weird?????? But, I cannot work in DEBUG mode for a long time coz the server needs to be restarted after adding a new method. Please let me know if there is any setting to enable hot-deployment in SERVER mode. Your inputs are appreciated. Thanks!

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          bart king Newbie

          Well, after going thru so many posts/topics online on this issue, I decided to explode all my compiled classes to WEB-INF/dev which is a small configuration change in the build.xml. Still wonder why we couldn't explode the classes to any other directory except WEB-INF/dev...there might be a way to change it..but it's out of scope for now...glad my server is happy now :)