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    seam strange param error

    Cristi Boariu Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I have a seam web application and for one page I have an hardcoded parameter like:


      In DocCodesEdit.page.xml I declare it simple like:

      <param name="docCodesFrom"/>

      The problem is that after I am loading the DocCodesEdit.xhtml page, when I press the cancel button (which redirects back to the page I was before) I receive a very strange error:

      Caused by java.lang.ClassCastException with message: java.lang.String cannot be cast to javax.faces.validator.Validator

      so it's complaining about this docCodesFrom parameter....

      The link which does the propagation to the page where I press Cancel is:

      <s:link view="/#{empty from ? 'DocCodes' : from}View.xhtml"
             value="#{empty from ? 'View' : 'Select'}"
             propagation="#{empty from ? 'none' : 'default'}"
             <f:param name="docCodesId"
             <f:param name="docCodesFrom" value="ClinicContactsView"/>

      I have spent three hours on this and cannot figure the cause...

      Do you see the issue?