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    Seam Gen setup error

    kenneth Eregie Newbie
      Hi all, I am a new java programmer and i am also new to seam.
      I am having error when i run the seam setup command.
      This is what i have in my environment.
      Window xp,
      JDK 6, seam 2.0 distribution, glass fish application server, net-beans ide bundled with ant.
      I extracted the seam distribution on where i have my net beans project. now i navigated "cd" to the seam.bat directory in my seam installation and type "seam setup" but have this error

      C:\Documents and Settings\ken\My Documents\Net Beans Projects\openlogic-jboss-seam
      -2.0.0-all-src-1(2)\jboss-seam-2.0.0>seam setup
      Buildfile: C:\Documents does not exist!
      Build failed.

      please is there anything missing. please someone should help