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    jBPM n Seam: to post a bug or not?

    Syed Mahdi Apprentice

      Hello All!

      I have a jBPM process working in seam, i made it to work after a lot of workarounds i think.

      the process is simple, user starts a process and five BusinessProcess variable are formed and persisted in the jbpmvariableinstance table and the process continues to task A and so on.

      now this process works fine no problems. then I make a new button where the s:button has a condition of rendered if the user.sommevariable equals a certain string lets say Admin or manager.

      This button shows up in the menu when a user with manager in user.somevariable logs in. Pls Note: the user has only logged in and the button appears on the screen the user has not touched it yet. user instead goes to the process and starts the process like any other user , four out of five PVs are persisted with TOKEN, TOKENVARIABLEMAP, and PROCESSINSTANCE fields as null. and the version is 1 instead of 0. The fifth variable was accidentally made initially but never used in the process anywhere. But the process doesn't know that because none of the users have proceeded to the task A and beyond yet. they are still in the first task node where task A is. or lets say none of the actors have accepted or acted on task A yet. so there is no way to know if the fifth variable is never going to be used and outjected again as a PV for later tasks.

      the syntax of the button is below:

           <s:button id="CreateManRequest" view="/managers-appform.xhtml"  value="#{application.id > 0  ? ' Edit Man Application' : 'Create Man Application'}" rendered="#{identity.loggedIn and  !s:hasRole('admin')  and (user.bType.name_En eq 'Manager' ? true : false )  }"/>

      How is it possible that such an innocent looking s:button would interfere in my process and its variables. What is stranger is that the fifth variable that is never used in the process anywhere has all the fields all filled up rightly and


      is also '0' as it shud be.

      some things in seam are so strange it actually feels that a developers Ghost is haunting it.

      I would really appreciate if some one can point out if thety ahd any issues like that, Or shud i post a BUG


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          Leo van den berg Master

          Hi Syed,

          I don't think that the problems are caused by adding a button to the view-layer. What's not clear to me what you excatly mean with all these vaiables. I can't grasp what you intend to do. I would be very useful, if you explain a bit more and send us some code especially from the components application and user which are referenced in the s:button. Also provide us the workflow.


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            David Faulstich Newbie

            I have some problens using process variables.

            Using @Out to inject a variable to the business process context injected the variables to the TASK and not to the process.

            Every time that I will end a TASK I have to outject the variable again. I don't know if this is the correct but i 'am doing this.

            To those who are telling that JBPM is difficult, just try to use TIBCO IPROCESS suite using the java API. It is horrible.