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    JBPM and Seam Documentation

    Robert Morse Apprentice

      It's been mentioned several times that documentation for JBPM and Seam integration is weak, and that there are many pitfalls to a successful deployment.  A few on this list (Leo for one), have a lot of expertise on this subject.  Would it be possible to use this thread to create a composite list of useful JBPM / Seam references, tips, examples, etc., to help guide those of us with less experience?  I think there's a lot of re-discovery that goes on for everyone that travels down this path, and I, for one, would greatly appreciate a useful list of reference information.

      Dan Allen's Chapter 14 to SIA is a good start, but obviously doesn't cover more involved usage, and I believe Leo posted a list of JBPM things to avoid on this forum.

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          Leo van den berg Master

          Hi Robert,

          In other threads I mentioned several times the problems with the documentation on jBPM and Seam. however I feel also that this is  a problem with the basic Jbpm (3) project which is integrated with Seam. The docs of  JBPM 3 are more a scientific paper than a user manual and there are a lot of things missing. Most of my gray hairs are from figuring out how to get the sub-processes activated and integrated with Seam (use the binding attribute and set it to LATE !!!), the timed jobs activated and working, the email support improved (search for Craig Bensemann's thread with an improved class), the transaction problems etc. etc.

          I am using the Seam-annotations for jBPM only for the most basic workflows. Whne it is a bit more comples I use the jBPM API's directly.

          The 4 and 5 and docs are really and improvement, and I really would like to have some time to test them with Seam. On the other hand, this will probably be available with Seam 3 (?).


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            David Faulstich Newbie

            I am using seam annotations to the basic too.

            For advanced purposes, I am using API directly. I looked several times into the source code to learn how to use some components.