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    Obtaining md5 from a e:workbook (xhtml), doanwloadble excel file

    Nicolai Abruzzese Newbie

      Some help please,
      I have an excel file for download, I need to get the md5 of the file, an xhtml written for the excel is like this:

          <f:loadBundle basename="messages" var="m"/>
          <e:worksheet id="listado" var="persona" value="#{busquedaResultado}"  >
                  <f:facet name="header">
                      <e:cell value="#{m['APELLIDO_PATERNO']}"/>
                  <e:cell value="#{persona.apellidoPaterno}"/>

      This xhtml (excel workbook) is called from an ejb:

      public String exportarExcel(){
              //populate the with data #{busquedaResultado} (e:workbook) value, no porblem
              //then call the xhtml, and download box apers and downloads just fine
              return "/exportarExcel.xhtml";

      What I really need is to get and md5 from this download file, get/capture file, pass it to and md5 (that i allready have and then make the download) md5 method will recive as parameter File or ByteArrayOutputStream, well the input can be converted, the problem, how can I get the file before the download???
      Any help really apreatiated. Thanks for your time.