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    RichFaces ComboBox getData In Seam

    Feri Lauw Newbie

      Hello All,

      I have a problem :
      How i can use RichFaces Combobox to getData from relation table? in seam
      Because when i generate Entities, my Field relations only generate Richfaces InputText.

      Detail :
      I have 2 table relation :
      - table let's say i call : Ps
      - table master let's say i call : Wil

      Ps is a child table for Wil because in Ps i have a field : CodeWil
      that relation with Code field in Wil(master table).

      I want when i choice RichFaces ComboBox, thereis two column :
      code(get from Ps) and Name(get From Wil)
      after i choice, i want code and name show in Page
      but when i save only code will save in Ps, because Name is just relation from Wil.

      Could any body can help me?

      Thanks you so much