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    Seam mail through gmail with different IDs

    Ranganathan Kaliyur Mannar Newbie

      I have an application with many users. When the uer logs in, there is an option for the user to send email. I have 2 questions regarding that.

      1) The users have a gmail id and want to send from them. So, I use the gmail SMTP server in configuration. However, in the configuration itself, I have to provide the username and password. Now, the email is always sent from the user id mentioned in the configuration - even though I specify a different mail id for 'from' in the tag.

      For dynamic configuration, I did read this post:

      However, I believe this configuration will be loaded during app startup. I need this configuration loaded when a new user logs in (identity). How can this be achieved?

      2) Is there a possibility to have a local SMTP server and still send email from a 'gmail' id?
      Is the from tied to the SMTP provider?