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    SPNEGO Auto Login with Seam and JBoss AS 5.1

    Keith Pemberton Newbie

      I have been struggling with using SPNEGO library (http://spnego.sourceforge.net) to authenticate a user to my web application using the credentials passed through the browser (IE).  I have followed the docs on the spnego page and can do some basic form-based authentication, but I am still not able to get the auto login part to work correctly.  If someone knows how to do this your help would be most appreciated.  I am considering going to ASP.NET just because my webapp requires an auto login.

      Just to give further information, I have a page action to execute {identity.login} before the home.xhtml page is rendered.  I see from the debug statements that my username is read by the webapp, but since I have not provided a password the authentication fails.  What should happen, I think, is that the security ticket should be negotiated using the SPNEGO library and then Seam Identity that the authentication was valid.

      Is Seam3 addressing this at all?

      Again, any help is very much appreciated.