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    Need help setting up Integrated Windows Authentication with JBoss SEAM with IBM websphere application server 7

    Ajay Gupta Newbie

      We are trying to implement a J2EE application using IBM Websphere Application Server 7. The J2EE application uses JSF, Seam and Facelets and is required to implement Integrated Windows Authentication. I have been able to properly configure IWA using SPNEGO inside IBM Websphere Application Server 7 and have confirmed it using the sample applications that come packaged inside IBM Websphere. Now, I am trying to validate IWA set up in my seam application to confirm if Seam is getting the authenticated request from IBM Websphere. Following the examples from JBoss Seam, i am still going to the login page thus proving that IWA is not configured for the Seam application.

      Looking over some of the postings other members have made, I am lost on what is the best course of action? I would appreciate any starting points to help me with this problem.