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    Use Hibernate in Seam - HowTo?

    Benjamin Mark Newbie


      is there a tutorial/howto what is to do to use hibernate with my seam gen project insteat the seam persistence?
      In detail I need to know how to register what in what seam xml files?

      For the guys who want's to know why: I'm nerved about the automatic and uncontrollable update of entities when I left a input page.
      This happens also inside a conversation and I don't know to stop it (as many others here in the forum, too).

      Thx in forward

      Best regards


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          Leo van den berg Master

          Hi Benjamin,

          There is no such thing like Seam persistency, you directly use JPA or Hibernate with Seam (or if you want to suffer a bit choose another provider)  In both cases you need to know how to configure the persistence provider. Seam adds some missing pieces which improves the stability/security of your application, The

          automatic and uncontrollable update

          problem was hopefully answered in your other thread.



          • The Seam documentation is one of best of frameworks docs available,

          • The Seam in action book is really a good complement to the doc,

          • The Seam example directory in the distribution contains an impressive set for starters,

          Especially the Seam in Action book is a must have and worth every penny (no relly , i don't receive a bonus from Dan Allen for every time I mention his book)

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            Benjamin Mark Newbie

            I already have the book. But it seems the author using detached objects in his golf course example in special the part where he describes the addCourse() part in the long running conversation.

            Thx again for your answer.